The Six Sigma concept was originally conceived in a manufacturing context in which the defects were literally found in products being churned out of industries. The manufacturing unit applied a scale based on the number of defects found where the sixth sigma had a fraction of one percent defects, and the first sigma referred to a unit with almost thirty percent defects."

Lean Six Sigma.

- Identify and understand the true value that the customer needs from a product of service and optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of the processes needed to produce that product or service.
- The optimization is achieved by reducing or eliminating waste in each process and creating steady flow and flexibility of production.
- Production of product or service should match customer demand. Reduce variation in the outputs of each process so that the products and services are free of defects and consistently satisfy the requirements of the customer.
Nucleusinc is a one stop solution for the process excellence initiatives for productivity enhancements, improving operational efficiency & effectiveness and bottom line growth. Our quality projects with the clients has helped them achieve a competitive edge by significantly reducing the operational cost and increasing the cash conversion flow and customer satisfaction.

Our services for Lean Six Sigma include the following.

i) Opportunity Identification for improvement through Process Assessments/ Business diagnostics, Audits and Executive Workshops
ii) Process Improvements and Optimization through utilization of proven methodologies like Lean Six Sigma, Business Process Re-engineering, Standard Management Systems and Business Excellence Frameworks
iii) Lean Six Sigma Deployment covering Training, Opportunity Identification, Project Mentoring & Execution
iv) People Development through Quality Training covering Lean Six Sigma (Awareness/Yellow Belt /Green Belt /Black Belt).
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