Fire Safety/Emergency Preparedness/Disaster Management Training Course

This training module introduces the basic concepts in disaster management, elements of disaster management, types of natural hazards and brief description of various natural disasters, such as flood, drought, cyclone, earthquake and landslide, and their impact.

Who should attend?

Valuable employees who may be injured and the need to protect them with adequate disaster management procedures.

Course Outlines

• Introduction to disaster management
• Early warning system for disaster management
• Disaster response management
• Incident command system (ICS)
• Conducting exercises for disaster response

How will I benefit?

• Faster response during an emergency
• Plan, develop and execute an emergency plan, plus coordinate the parties and processes involved
• Define role and responsibilities of the emergency planning specialist within organisation
• Train staff for an emergency response or other crisis situation
• Identify and outline areas for improvement in an emergency response situation