Kaizen Training Course

Over a day you will learn the evolution of Kaizen, various principles to achieve operational excellence. This program aims to inspire participants to understand and apply the concepts of operational excellence in their jobs. It introduces core concepts, frameworks, methodologies of widely adopted operational excellence systems in manufacturing and services sectors.

Who should attend?

• Students completing their engineering or business management programmes.
• Young engineers and managers working in the manufacturing sector.
• Existing and potential employees who are expected to understand the basics of operational excellence

Course Outlines

• Concepts of Muda, Mura and Muri, the 3 Mu’s of Kaizen
• Practices of 5S Framework
• Just in Time (JIT) philosophy
• Kanban systems

How will I benefit?

• Learning of techniques as employee engagement and change management
• Learning of set of principles, systems, and tools that aim at achieving Operational Excellence
• Learning of sustainable improvements of key performance metrics