The right-sizing efforts of recent years have left everyone with the dilemma of doing more, better, faster, with less resources. This requires employees to wear many hats and focus on a wide variety of projects, initiatives, and activities at any given time. The expectation is that they will do this flawlessly without letting performance suffer. With technology changing at lightning speed, increasing daily workloads, and demands coming from multiple sources, increased productivity is the order of the day. As a result, multi-tasking has become a necessity to succeed in business. In fact, for most professionals, multi-tasking has become second nature. But are you doing it right? At the completion of this module, you will have a better understanding of the myths and challenges of multi-tasking. You will discover and apply tips and principles for becoming more productive and efficient, including the tools to effectively prioritize and improve focus and concentration. Exceptional listening skills and the ability to convince others to your way of thinking make the difference between good and great leaders. Bestselling author and highly respected leadership consultant, Marshall Goldsmith, devotes an entire chapter in his book “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There” to the importance of listening skills. He asserts that 80% of our success in learning from other people is based upon how well we listen. He believes that many people regard listening as a passive activity when, in fact, it is a highly active process engaging every muscle in our bodies, particularly the brain. Pure listening builds trust, credibility, and respect. One reason is because when you fully listen, instead of trying to compose your response, the result is a relevant and on-target response. What you say is proof of how well you listen. In addition to listening skills, a recent survey of Fssortune 1000 firms, determined that persuasion skills are one of the top 10 skills managers and leaders need for success. The ability to influence people is regarded as vital to the overall effectiveness of teams and organizations.

At the completion of this module, participants will be able to:

  • Create opportunities for feedback to close the communication loop
  • Demonstrate effective questioning and listening skills that strengthen relationships
  • Consider various forms of communication and their impact Drives business results by aligning the vision, mission, and values to enhance business value. Is able to enlist the willing cooperation of others, while tapping into their highest skills and abilities, to achieve desired results.

Who should attend?

• Managers, supervisors, and employees and who want to enhance key managerial and leadership competencies in order to achieve outstanding results Quality system managers • Operations manager
• Production and materials managers
• HR managers
• Finance and commercial managers
• Management consultants
• High potential employees

Course Outlines

In this workshop, participants will learn how to:
• Create a vision—a common ground.
• Develop strategies that make things happen.
• Influence people to follow you.
• Gain cooperation at every level.
• Lead a winning team, department or organization.
• Empower others to deliver results.
• Create Coaching and Appraisal Systems.
• Manage Conflict and change.
• Effective Time Management

How will I benefit?

• Increase productivity.
• Retain your people.
• Nurture future leaders
• Increase employee engagement
• Implement an effective leadership style.
• Make better decisions